Sonntag , September 27 2020

Jak II HD: Die Trophies

Jak II HD wird definitiv ein Teil eurer Sammlung werden und auf die Trophäen freut ihr euch schon jetzt? Dann könnt ihr zumindest eine Liste der Trophies schon jetzt in Augenschein nehmen:

Done Done Done (Platinum)

For excellent and dedicated field work in the field of battle for completion.


Poor Kid (Bronze)

Protect Kor and Kid


Dead and Gone (Bronze)

Retrieve Banner from Dead Town


Kaboom! (Bronze)

Blow up Ammo at Fortress


Signature Moves (Bronze)

Protect Sig at Pumping Station


Turrets Syndrome (Bronze)

Destroy Turrets in Sewers


Stripped Down (Bronze)

Rescue Vin at Strip Mine


Over Easy (Silver)

Destroy Eggs at Drill Platform


Cha-ching (Bronze)

Collect Money for Krew


Lost and Found (Silver)

Find Pumping Station Patrol


Just the Artifacts Ma’am (Bronze)

Find 3 Artifacts in Mountain Temple


More Power to You (Bronze)

Turn on 5 Power Switches


Skip the Stairs (Bronze)

Ride Elevator up to Palace


Don’t Let Him Get Away (Silver)

Defeat Baron at Palace


Scout’s Honor (Bronze)

Catch Scouts in Haven Forest


Kersplash! (Bronze)

Destroy Equipment at Dig


Speeding Slowly (Bronze)

Win Class 3 Race at Stadium


Strip Mine, Not Yours (Bronze)

Blow up Strip Mine in Eco Wells


Sunken Ship (Bronze)

Destroy Ship at Drill Platform


Clap Hands (Silver)

Get Seal Piece at Dig


Doggin‘ the Hellcats (Bronze)

Destroy 5 Hellcat Cruisers


No Man is a Canyon (Bronze)

Use Items in No Man’s Canyon


Testosterone (Silver)

Pass the Tests of Manhood


Grin and Baron It (Silver)

Defeat Baron in Mar’s Tomb


We’re All Friends Here (Bronze)

Rescue Friends at Fortress


Bot Bot Boom Boom (Bronze)

Protect Hideout from Bomb Bots


Speed Quicker (Silver)

Win Class 2 Race at Stadium


What’s That Smell? (Bronze)

Escort Men Through Sewers


Timber! (Bronze)

Destroy Drill Platform Tower


Speed Speedily (Gold)

Win Class 1 Race in Stadium


I Heart Heart (Bronze)

Get Heart of Mar in Weapons Lab


Who Knew Krew Blew? (Silver)

Beat Krew in Weapons Lab


Finders Keepers (Bronze)

Find Sig in Underport


Heavy Distortion (Bronze)

Attack the Metal Head Nest


Pedal to the Metal (Gold)

Destroy Metal Kor at Nest


Head Over Heels (Bronze)

Collect 50 Metal Head Skull Gems


Head Cheese (Silver)

Collect 250 Metal Head Skull Gems


Head Master (Gold)

Collect 510 Metal Head Skull Gems


The Collector (Bronze)

Collect 25 Precursor Orbs


The Collectivist (Silver)

Collect 125 Precursor Orbs


The Collectationator! (Gold)

Collect 286 Precursor Orbs

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