Mittwoch , Oktober 18 2017

NeverDead: Die Trophies

Konami hat mit NeverDead auch einen neuen PS3-Titel in Arbeit und wie es sich gehört gibt es wieder einige Trophäen die ihr erspielen könnt. Hier eine Liste:

I’ll bite your legs off! (Platinum)

Get all trophies.


De-Cyphered (Bronze)

Take a trip down memory lane…


A pain in the ass! (Bronze)

Defeat the Sword Pig.


Four-to-one Odds (Bronze)

Defeat Quad Jaw.


Serve and Protect (Bronze)

Save Nikki.


Tower’n Inferno (Bronze)

Take down the water tower.


Sangria, on ice (Bronze)

Defeat Sangria, Duke of Hell.


Womb with a view (Bronze)

Defeat Sullivan.


Tumble Dried (Bronze)

Get caught up in the whirlwind.


There can be only one! (Bronze)

Defeat your nemesis.


Eye for an eye (Bronze)

Defeat Astaroth, King of Hell.


Ever Dead (Silver)

Complete the game on easy difficulty.


Rarely Dead (Silver)

Complete the game on normal difficulty.


Never Dead (Gold)

Complete the game on hardcore difficulty.


The Great Collector (Gold)

Find all Major Collectibles.


Funky Dunker (Bronze)

Put head through all basketball hoops.


Explosive Personality (Bronze)

Blow up 35 enemies in the Asylum using barrels.


Antiquarian (Bronze)

Destroy less than 25% of the museum exhibits.


Mind the gap (Bronze)

Lure Panda Bear in front of a train.


Let There be Light (Bronze)

Light all the sewer barrels.


Don’t Stop, Look or Listen (Bronze)

Dodge the traffic on the bridge.


Evacuation Plan (Bronze)

Get all the civilians to the chopper.


Premature Evacuation (Bronze)

You win some, you lose some…


Out of the Frying Pan (Bronze)

Lure Panda Bear into lava.


Boulder Dodge (Bronze)

Dodge the boulders.


Curiosity Killed the Cat (Bronze)

Explore all of Arcadia’s Apartment.


Shock and Awe (Bronze)

Kill an enemy with Electricity.


BryceBQ (Bronze)

Kill an enemy with Fire.


Endangered Species (Silver)

Kill 8 panda bears.


Swiss Army Bryce (Bronze)

Kill an enemy with every weapon.


Insurance Fraud (Bronze)

Destroy $100,000 worth of objects.


Criminal Damages (Silver)

Destroy $1,000,000 worth of objects.


Hop, Skip and Jump (Bronze)

Hop, roll and jump…


You and whose army? (Silver)

Shoot 50 enemies with dismembered limbs.


Group Hug (Silver)

Kill 5 enemies with a single limb explosion.


Level Up (Silver)

Purchase 50% of the abilities.


Big Spender (Gold)

Purchase all abilities.


Onslaughter (Bronze)

Complete an Arena Onslaught Challenge.


Runner (Bronze)

Complete an Onslaught Challenge.


Saviour (Bronze)

Complete a Search and Rescue challenge.


Frail Friend (Bronze)

Win a Fragile Alliance challenge.


Easter Bunny (Bronze)

Win an Egg Hunt challenge.


Completist (Bronze)

Unlock all Prestige Badges.

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