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Ridge Racer Vita: Der Gold Pass und die Trophäen

Namco Bandai lässt euch mit Ridge Racer Vita nicht nur unterwegs in PS-starken Boliden um die Wette rasen, man bietet euch sogar noch einen DLC Gold Pass an.

Was verbirgt sich dahinter? Dieser Pass liegt jedem Spiel bei und ermöglicht es euch fünf neue Autos und drei neue Strecken herunterzuladen. Dieses Angebot wird nur bis zum 31. März gelten, danach muss dieser Pass zum Preis von 6,99 Euro erworben werden. Zudem wollen wir euch heute die Trophäen des Spiels vorstellen:

Platinum Ridge Racer (Platinum)

You earned all the trophies in RIDGE RACER.


Welcome to Trianchor Alliance! (Bronze)

You signed with Trianchor Alliance.


Welcome to Circlite Racing! (Bronze)

You signed with Circlite Racing.


Welcome to Xealot Motorspot! (Bronze)

You signed with Xealot Motorsport.


Welcome to Squaris GP! (Bronze)

You signed with Squaris GP.


Switching Sides (Silver)

You transferred teams.


Prodigy (Bronze)

Your team sponsor acknowledges your steady efforts, and has upgraded your machine’s specs to the next level. Keep up the good work.


Solid Foundation (Bronze)

You’ve maxed-out your machine’s basic specs. All that’s left is letting your choice of upgrade kits and driving technique determine the winner.


Capable (Bronze)

Your Skill Grade has increased to Level 2. Your rivals will be equally tougher. Make it a worthwile victory.


Skillful (Bronze)

Your Skill level has increased to level 5. You’re making your way to being a top ridge racer!


Accomplished (Silver)

Your Skill Grade has increased to Level 10. You can proudly claim to have earned a rank among the top ridge racers of the world.


Stellar (Gold)

Your Skill Grade has increased to Level 16. You can now claim the title of “ultimate racer.”


Tinkerer (Bronze)

You took the first momentous step toward developing an upgrade kit on the Machine Upgrade Map.


Mad Mechanic (Bronze)

You reached the first branch-off point in the Machine Upgrade Map. Every great invention has its roots in risk.


Triple Threat (Bronze)

You equipped an upgrade kit from Groups A through C for the first time.


Wind Whipper (Bronze)

You obtained Super Slipstream and Zero Slipstream for controlling the effects of slipstreaming.


Electronic Warfare (Bronze)

You obtained Hacker Kit and Data Jammer for hi-tech electronic tactics.


Nitrous Master (Silver)

You obtained all types of Nitrous kits on the Machine Upgrade Map. Learn to take advantage of each one’s unique properties.


Tech Tree Climber (Gold)

You completed the Machine Upgrade Map.


Mild and Menacing (Bronze)

You placed first in a race with the most Mild drift settings.


Dynamic and Dangerous (Bronze)

You placed first in a race with the most Dynamic drift settings.


Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze)

You raced in over 50 Spot Races. That same commitment will pay off in the World Races, too.


Triple Lap Trickster (Bronze)

You raced in Total Time Attack over 50 times.


Single Lap Spirit (Bronze)

You raced more than 200 laps in Lap Time Attack.


Ghost Hunter (Bronze)

You beat over 50 races in Ghost Battle.


Ghost Contender (Bronze)

You beat a Ghost that is higher than 10 G.


Ectoplasmed (Bronze)

You submitted your race to Ghost Battle. Now they’re out to get you!


World Racer (Bronze)

You raced in over 50 Online Battles.


Socialite (Bronze)

You raced in over 50 Face-to-Face Battles.


Friend or Foe? (Bronze)

You raced with a Friend in an Online Battle.


Generous at Heart (Bronze)

You uploaded 100 Victory Points to your team through Team Vision.


Filthy VIP (Silver)

You ranked high in Credit Ranking and earned the title of VIP.


Top Dog VIP (Silver)

You ranked high in Score Ranking and earned the title of VIP.


Claim to Fame VIP (Silver)

You’ve been selected as today’s Spotlight VIP for your team.


Steal the Spotlight (Bronze)

You raced against a VIP racer in an Online Battle.


Free Agent (Gold)

You obtained over 30,000 CR, meaning you can transfer to a new team after watching Team Vision.


Been Around the Block (Bronze)

You raced at least once in every race mode.


Journeyman (Bronze)

You raced on all 3 courses– Southbay Docks, Highland Cliffs, and Harborline 765 (including R courses). So which did you like best?


Machine Junkie (Bronze)

You raced at least once with each of the 5 machines (BISARGENTO, RAUNA, FIERA, EO, SYNCi). So which driving style and design did you like best?


Technician (Bronze)

You mastered the paddle shift in a race.


Speed Demon (Bronze)

You reached the maximum speed with a maxed-up machine, and added a maximum nitrous.


Rocketeer (Bronze)

You successfully pulled off a rocket start.


Stop and Smell the Roses (Bronze)

You stopped by that special spot on the Harborline 765 course.


Nitrous-Free (Bronze)

You placed first without using any Nitrous

 Gehieme Trophies:

Hidden Trophy 1

Hidden Trophy 2
Hidden Trophy 3
Hidden Trophy 4


Ridge Racer

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