Samstag , September 21 2019

Shift 2: Unleashed: So sehen die Trophäen aus


Der neueste Need for Speed-Ableger hört auf den Namen Shift 2: Unleashed und wird natürlich auch für die PS3 erscheinen. Gute Fahrer können dabei mehr als nur einfach Rennen bestreiten, sondern auch die folgenden Trophies freischalten:

Amateur ( Bronze Trophy)

Reached Driver Level 5


I. Am. Iron. Man. ( Bronze Trophy)

Placed 1st in 5 consecutive Online events


Leno would be proud ( Bronze Trophy)

Have at least one car from each manufacturer in your Garage


Proving Grounds ( Bronze Trophy)

Won JR’s GTR Challenge


Recommended ( Bronze Trophy)

Completed an event recommended by a Friend


Road to Glory ( Bronze Trophy)

Beaten your first Rival


Semi-Pro ( Bronze Trophy)

Reached Driver Level 10


Cub Scout ( Bronze Trophy)

Won your first Event Set Badge


The Driver’s Battle ( Bronze Trophy)

Complete an event purely from helmet cam


Elitist ( Bronze Trophy)

Place 1st in an event using Elite handling model


Sports License ( Bronze Trophy)

Won 25 Career events on Easy difficulty or higher


Competition License ( Bronze Trophy)

Won 50 Career events on Medium difficulty or higher


Sizzlin‘ ( Bronze Trophy)

Beaten the 1st Target Time in a Hot Lap event


The World is my Oyster ( Bronze Trophy)

Unlocked the FIA GT1 Branch


Nailed It ( Bronze Trophy)

Track Mastered your first location


Tic Tac Toe ( Bronze Trophy)

Own a Modern, Retro, and Muscle car


Dialled In ( Bronze Trophy)

Used On-Track Tuning to save a Tuning Setup for a car


Workaholic ( Bronze Trophy)

Upgraded 3 vehicles to Works spec


Grass Roots ( Bronze Trophy)

Completed JR’s Grass Roots event


Badge Earner ( Bronze Trophy)

Earned 10 Badges


Badge Hunter ( Bronze Trophy)

Earned 50 Badges


I’m Going To Hollywood! ( Bronze Trophy)

Got through the Qualifying round in the Driver Duel Championship


Paparazzi ( Bronze Trophy)

Shared a photo or replay with others


Intercept & Pursue ( Bronze Trophy)

Completed an Online Catchup Pack and Online Catchup Duel event


King Of The Hill ( Bronze Trophy)

Won your first Driver Duel Championship crown


In The Zone ( Bronze Trophy)

Won an Online event from helmet cam


Day Walker ( Silver Trophy)

Mastered every location in day or dusk


GT3 Champion ( Silver Trophy)

Beat Patrick Soderlund and won the FIA GT3 European Championship


Bounty Hunter ( Silver Trophy)

Earned $10,000,000 total during your career


Pro ( Silver Trophy)

Reached Driver Level 15


Works Champion ( Silver Trophy)

Beaten Mad Mike Whiddett and won the Works Championship


Going the extra mile ( Silver Trophy)

Completed 250 Event Objectives


Race License ( Silver Trophy)

Won 75 Career events on Hard difficulty


Globetrotter ( Silver Trophy)

Competed at your every location in the game


Badge Collector ( Silver Trophy)

Earned 100 Badges


Notorious ( Silver Trophy)

Played Online for over 10 hours total


GT1 Champion ( Gold Trophy)

Beat Jamie Campbell-Walker nd won the FIA GT1 World Championship


Dominator ( Gold Trophy)

Beaten all the Rivals


Night Rider ( Gold Trophy)

Mastered every location at night


Veteran ( Gold Trophy)

Reached Driver Level 20


Platinum Trophy ( Platinum Trophy)

Unlocked all trophies in Shift 2: Unleashed


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