Samstag , September 21 2019

Silent Hill 3 HD: Unheimliche Trophies aus Silent Hill

Nach Silent Hill 2 kommt, wie man vermuten könnte, Silent Hill 3. Das Spiel wird ebenfalls im Rahmen der HD Collection für die PS3 erscheinen und einige Trophies mit sich bringen:

I Guess it’s Time to Roll the Credits (Platinum)

Unlock all Trophies in SH3.


I’m Normal I Promise (Bronze)

Unlock the „Normal“ ending.


It Was All in Your Head (Silver)

Unlock the „Possesed“ ending.


Coolest. Dad. Ever. (Gold)

Unlock the „UFO“ ending.


Adrenaline Junkie (Gold)

Complete SH3 in 3 hours or less.


Wall Basher (Bronze)

Acquire the Silencer.


There’s a New Sheriff in Town (Silver)

Acquire the Beam Saber.


Flame On (Silver)

Acquire the Flamethrower.


What the Hill Just Happened? (Silver)

Acquire the Gold and Silver pipes.


Makes My Head Hurt (Gold)

Complete SH3 with 2 saves or less.


If Looks Could Kill (Gold)

Unlock the Heather Beam.


Where’s Luna? (Gold)

Equip the „Princess Heart“ costume.


Heather’s Got a Gun (Gold)

Acquire the Unlimited Submachine Gun.


Pest Control (Silver)

Defeat Split Worm in under 2 minutes.


Eye For an Eye (Silver)

Defeat Missionary in under 2 minutes.


A Time to Kill (Silver)

Defeat Leonard in under 3 minutes.


Lost Memory (Silver)

Defeat Memory of Alessa in under 3 minutes.


Blasphemy (Silver)

Defeat God in under 8 minutes.


This Isn’t an FPS! (Silver)

Defeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH3.


They Look like Monsters to You? (Silver)

Defeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH3.


Hoarder (Silver)

Pick up at least 100 items in SH3.


Ninja (Silver)

Receive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH3

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