Freitag , Oktober 15 2021

Titanfall – Die Xbox One-Erfolge

Nachdem heute neue Bilder zu Titanfall aufgetaucht sind, folgen nun noch die Xbox One-Achievements, zum neuen Shooter von EA und Respawn Entertainment. Eine Liste aller Erfolge bestätigt zudem den Prestige-Mode, der heute auch in Form eines Bildes erwähnt wurde.

Titanfall erscheint am 13. März für Xbox One.

Best in Class (25 points)
Finished as the top player on your team once

All charged up (25 points)
Killed 5 enemies with one Arc Cannon shot

Pull! (25 points)
Killed 10 ejecting Pilots

Pull Harder! (25 points)
Killed an ejecting Pilot with the Plasma Railgun

All The Cards (25 points)
Earned 500 burn cards

My Robot Army (20 points)
Hacked 20 Spectres using the Data Knife

Refuge (50 points)
Survived an evacuation

I Like A Challenge (50 points)
Completed all challenges for a single weapon

IMC Pilot (50 points)
Completed the IMC campaign

Militia Pilot (50 points)
Completed the Militia campaign

My Generation (50 points)
Became a second generation Pilot

IMC Elite Pilot (25 points)
Won every Campaign level as an IMC pilot

Militia Elite Pilot (25 points)
Won every Campaign level as a Militia pilot

Death From Above (25 points)
Killed 5 enemies by dropping a titan on them

Build Yourself (15 points)
Created a custom pilot loadout

Customize Your Ride (15 points)
Created a custom titan loadout

Halfway There (25 points)
Reached level 25

Maxed Out (50 points)
Reached level 50

Flag Runner (25 points)
Won 50 Capture The Flag matches

I Wore ‚Em Down (25 points)
Won 50 Attrition matches

Pilot Hunter (25 points)
Won 50 Pilot Hunter matches

Captured Everything (25 points)
Won 50 Hardpoint matches

I Stand Alone (25 points)
Won 50 Last Titan Standing matches

I’ve Seen It All (25 points)
Played every gameplay mode on every map

Ride ‚Em Cowboy (25 points)
Rodeo-killed a Titan

Like A Vacation (25 points)
Completed training

Look Around (10 points)
Snapped the necks of 10 Pilots

All The Hardware (50 points)
Unlocked everything

Vortex Volley (15 points)
Caught a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex

Frequent Flyer (50 points)
Played 50 Campaign matches

I Killed Them All (25 points)
Killed all pilots during the evacuation single-handedly

Freerunner (25 points)
Wallran for 5 kilometers

Gen 10 (0 points)
Reached the highest Pilot generation

Superior In Every Way (25 points)
Killed 1000 AI soldiers

Titanfall (25 points)
Called in your Titan 25 times

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